Focus on the Bigotry

I’ve come to believe that Bible-loving Christians can come to different conclusions on the acceptability of homosexuality. But I can accept that there are those who would disagree with that statement, that the Bible is clear in its denunciation of same-sex relationships. It’s a tricky issue, certainly.

Regardless of what we believe on the subject, I think we can all agree that discrimination against those who identify themselves as gay – or are identified, rightly or wrongly, by others as gay – is wrong. We should all agree that bullying is unacceptable, and that schools should take steps to make children understand that a classmate’s perceived sexual orientation does not make him or her fair game for bullies.

Suicides are much higher among children who identify themselves as gay, and we Christians, as lovers of life, should be able to rally behind anti-bullying campaigns designed to reduce incidents of suicide. First and foremost, we should be protectors of life in all its forms, especially those who are rejected by the rest of society. This is what Jesus commands, is it not?

None of this seems controversial to me. Apparently, Focus on the Family would disagree.

This is vile. I have no other word for it. To twist the well-meaning, life-affirming messages of anti-bullying campaigns into fear mongering in the name of Jesus is disgusting. It is not Christian. Indeed, the spirit of Christ cannot be found in this video. The Jesus I know – who ate with the sinners, loved the prostitutes and saved the tax collectors – does not condemn efforts to protect gay children from bullies. He confronts the bullies himself. He condemns their pretensions, their piety and their paranoia. He compares them to whitewashed tombs, beautiful on the outside, dead on the inside.

Focus on the Family has done some great work in helping struggling families mend their relationships and giving resources to parents seeking to raise godly children. But this video bears a close relationship to the Pharisees Jesus opposed than the values he espoused.


2 thoughts on “Focus on the Bigotry”

  1. Paul, I am sad to see your above comments relating to the video you reference. All I hear from the above is a call for parents of public school students to be supported in giving voice to their personal objections. Giving voice to dispute targeted topics aimed at school children is hardly fear mongering. Free speech is the backbone of this democratic republic.

    It seems namecalling and hatred is the only reply from some towards concerned parents for their dissenting opinion…that of, “I, the parent, would like to see schools allow for a difference of opinion in regards to teaching kids topics that refer to between the sheets behavior.”

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