Welcome, Visitors!

Hard to believe, but my little post about the “radical femininity of Christ” was tweeted and posted by Rachel Held Evans on her own blog, which has led to a pageview avalanche the likes of which this place has never seen. My previous pageview record was 89. I’m now at nearly 10 times that number with seven hours left in the day. So welcome to any of you visiting this blog for the first time!

With you in mind, I’ve added a set of links to the right that I hope are representative of some of the issues we’ve talked about here. I called it the “Best of the Blog,” not because they are all terrifically written (I can guarantee that’s not true), but because either I liked them, or readers here liked them or the conversation they generated was top-notch. I still have to sort them better (the default is alphabetical order; I’d prefer chronological), and I need to add the posts from the one or two series I’ve undertaken thus far. Knowing all these new people are reading has also inspired me to update the “About the Blog” page and do some other housecleaning things. I’ll try to get those things done in the next few days.

If I had to recommend one post to check out, I’m pretty proud of the previous post to get a lot of social media attention (well, for me, anyway): “The 99 Percent,” written at the height of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Meanwhile, I hope you stick around. This is a searcher’s blog, and we’re all trying to find answers together to life’s hard questions. I’d love for you to look around with us!



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