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So I’m in grad school, which means I write papers. If you’re really interested in that kind of stuff (which means you’re my wife, whose already read them, or my parents, who don’t know about this blog), then this is the place for you! I’ll post papers here whenever I’ve finished with them and received a grade back. It’s a way for you to see the stuff I’m working on and, perhaps more importantly, a handy place for me to keep stuff I’ve written.

Away we go!

It’s All About Sex: A Brief Study of Scholarly Comparisons Between the Epic of Gilgamesh and Genesis 2:4b-3

Bloody Bridegrooms and Angry Deities: Narrative and Feminist Criticism and Exodus 4:24-26

Tattoos, Sexuality and Holiness: Redefining Our Standards in Light of Leviticus 18

Tending the Olive Tree: Historical Context as a Method for Ascertaining the Purpose of Romans

Missing the Marx: The Decline and Fall of Marxism in the Writings of Gustavo Gutierrez

One thought on “Smartypants Stuff”

  1. I may have tripped some sort of a spam filter here, commenting on your first piece in the series — with links to a couple sites included. Where other comments have gone through just fine… Anyway, if there’s any chance you’d be inclined to join a group Bible study, let me know & I’ll repost that link.

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